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03 Jun 2010
"Consider this question: In the wake of a crisis it takes considerable effort to resume normal life as best possible. As our current economic crisis careens around Detroit, is resumption of life as it was before the current conditions the only possibility? For with every crisis, there is also the opportunity to radically restructure the ways in which we live.

Artworks/Detroit at CAID is looking for proposals that challenge our traditional ideas of what art & design can do to affect the economic present and future, and what creative fields can do to generate provocative responses to the question posed above."

19 May 2010
The "Über Lebenskunst" project is turning the city of Berlin into a showcase for initiatives that bring together culture and sustainability and examine (brand) new models for action. Whether neighborhood gardens, urban beekeepers, carrot mobs, Wiki woods, sewing cafés or climate pirates on the Berlin’s Spree River - the Call for Future is directed at everyone who wants to come up with ideas both in and for Berlin.

Art + Activism / Calls / Events / Social Practice
11 Jan 2010
April 28-30
Sydney, Australia
This inaugural camp invites germinal, spectral, peripheral, and hypothetical ideas to be presented in a range of Show & Tell formats, including Installation, Paper, Performance, Recital, Round-table, and Screening.

Welcoming research finds, works in progress, poetry readings, film screenings, slideshows, conceptual cooking, travel reflections, labyrinthine introspections, artworks, and all other profundities to be offered up for engagement. Specifically intended to facilitate outer realisations of the inner excitations of artists, researchers, academics, and practitioners, in the spirit of exposure, stimulation, and cross-pollination.

Art + Activism / Calls / Events
11 Jan 2010
New Zealand
Slowflow 2010 is the second in a series of trips down the Whanganui River, Aotearoa/New Zealand and takes place between Jan 21st and Jan 31st 2010.

Slowflow invites artists, technologists and environmentalists on a 10 day journey down the Whanganui River by double hulled 22 person waka haurua(canoe) and bicycle, creating a setting for a flow of conversations - Te Ia Kōrero. Part self propelled residency, part un-conference, part expedition - Slowflow provides an opportunity for discussing and reflecting on culture, technology and the environment.

30 Nov 2009
Making Things, Making Things Better, Making Things Worse
Portland, Oregon
Call for Submissions
Deadline: January 15, 2010

You are invited to contribute to Open Engagement by submitting your projects, performances, tours, presentations, or panel ideas. Other formats are also welcomed. You are encouraged to think of ways to connect peers and colleagues at this conference, connect and engage a greater community and work across disciplines.

For more info:
Openly Engage

Calls / Events
05 Aug 2009
Call for submissions: Make an image representing capitalism!
US, Chicago
AREA Chicago #8 asked readers to define capitalism, resulting in 183 diverse responses. Now they are continuing this exploration by inviting you to submit (in person, via mail or email) a visual depiction or representation of capitalism. Feel free to keep it broad and define what it is, or be specific and show how it effects you and your community.

These visual representations of capitalism will be collected throughout AREA's current exhibition and event series "Everbody's Got (more) Money Issues" taking place at Mess Hall in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood throughout the month of August.

Calls / Events / Magazines
13 Apr 2009
The House re-Growth Pod is a permanent and cost effective housing unit which can assist in the rebuilding of the fire devastated town-ships of Victoria, Australia.A competition is also calling for designs.This competition is open to architects and designers not just in Victoria, Australia but to all those interested in the typology required for the re-building of houses whilst the site is occupied by the re-Growth Pod.
It is anticipated that this competition will generate new thinking for living in sites prone to bushfires as well as creating a dialogue within the design community.

Architecture / Calls / Public Projects
11 Apr 2009
Call for Submissions
Sydney, Australia
An outdoor, free exhibition that takes place on the spactacular coastal walk between Bondi and Tamamrama Beach in Sydney. Entry forms can be downloaded directly from the site. Entries close April 20! The exhibition will take place from October 29 - November 15. A conference on "Sculpture in Public Space" will take place November 2. International entries welcome.

Calls / Exhibitions / Free
31 Mar 2009
Dallas, Texas
Entry Deadline: May 8, 2009
Re:Vision is a revolutionary initiative to create the prototype for an innovative, sustainable urban community. At the heart of the process is a series of contests generating visionary ideas for what can and should be in the design about urban space.

Architecture / Calls
03 Feb 2009
Art about Human Rights
Poland, Poznań
"Stand-up". Art about Human Rights project will respond to the growing needs for acceptance and respect to diversity, dialog and social reflection.

"We believe that art is a right medium to communicate with local community. We want also create opportunity for young, active art-makers to expresses their selves and equally contribute to a more conscious and creative society which will be able to hear and speak about Human Rights problems."

Call for works / projects:
Art works / projects / other actions which are somehow connected with Human Rights problems which will be exhibited in a gallery space in Poznan (Poland) during first part of March 2009.

Art + Activism / Calls / Events
09 Dec 2008
Food Democracy Now! is a grassroots movement initiated by farmers, writers, chefs, eaters and policy advocates who recognize the profound sense of urgency in creating a new food system that is capable of meeting the changing needs of American society as it relates to food, health, animal welfare and the environment.

Food Democracy Now! invites to sign this live petition effort to encourage President-Elect Obama to consider a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.

Calls / Sustainability
04 Nov 2008
Hidden Organizations, Spatial Contagions and Activism
The Netherlands
A new project of the Jan Van Eyck Design department, initiated by Keller Easterling, researches underexplored territory in the world’s infrastructural and organizational strata. The work focuses on shared protocols, managerial subroutines and financial instruments as they produce and program physical space around the world. Perhaps because these organizations operate in the background, in an active and relational rather than nominative register, their political outcomes are often at once pervasive and mysterious.

Candidates interested in this project can apply with a research proposal.
Application details

22 May 2008
Canada, Montreal
"It is precisely at the moment where one thing becomes something else that the action gets really exciting. That’s where the exchanges happen: chemical reactions, fistfights, osmosis, infections, kisses. Surface to surface, separate entities meet and make a border. The relation changes, the border changes. One thing to count on: it will never stay the same. Given the alternating violence and richness of borders, what strategies can we develop to better work with and across them? As cultural producers, how do we navigate this territory in order to create politically relevant work?

As part of SKOL’s new summer internship, Gina Badger, Adrienne Mak, and Amy Novak are inviting proposals to participate in a six-day intensive development and creation workshop that will culminate in a collaborative exhibition. Participants in the workshops will be asked to prepare a presentation for a panel, help come up with activities and fieldtrips, and collaborate in creating the exhibition."

The workshop series will take place in Montreal from July 10 to 16; the exhibition will run from July 18 to August 14, and will be followed by a publication.

Art + Activism / Calls / Exhibitions
18 Apr 2008
Festival of the Regions
In 2009 the Austrian Festival of Regions will be oriented toward the southern edge of the city of Linz, along the Traun River, with a focus on the satellite town of Auwiesen and the residential complexes of solarCity, an integrated solar village.

From Allende Square to Luna Square, beyond the inner urban orientation toward concentration, commercial use and entertainment, and at a certain safe distance from the cultural spectacles propagated on all sides, the Festival of Regions is interested in the factual or imagined state of normality in urban life and in seeking out its cultural expressions.

Posted in conjunction with 'nowHere'.

Calls / Public Projects / Social Practice / Urban/City
13 Apr 2008
Open call to Artists, Photographers, Sound & Video Artists, Musicians, Mapmakers & Urban Explorers, for an upcoming publication focusing on current political movements & struggles in an election year!

Team Colors is pleased to announce their partnership with Journal of Aesthetics and Protest to produce a publication titled In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement, and Movements, which will seek to intervene in and around the upcoming protests against the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

The publication is a one-off online journal of theory, action and organizing, to be released May 15, 2008.
More info.

Art + Activism / Books / Calls
28 Mar 2008
City Mine(d) is a production house for urban interventions, committed to the development of new forms of urban citizenship, the re-appropriation of public space -roads, airwaves, stations, estates, parks, squares, virtual space- and the creation of cutting edge public artwork. The initially Belgian NGO now has agencies in Brussels, Barcelona and London.

For the first of may they organise MICRONOMICS with an open call for projects and open stage.


Calls / Urban/City
06 Mar 2008
call for videos
Australasia 2008 C-M.TV: Media Arts Network is a curated new media web site in the context of global change. A "glocal" response to events that are happening around the world. The site is looking for content for upload. Issues include carbon counting, climate change, social networking, weather and 'live' data aesthetics…

22 Feb 2008
A journey through the history + currents of free education, counter-institutional movements + the economy of information in Silicon Valley + beyond.
San Francisco
Free Soil is organizing a bus tour, outdoor film/video festival and on-site exchange, in conjunction with the 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge in San Jose, California June 5-7, 2008

We are seeking submissions to include in this project. Please visit the links below to learn more about the projects and submission guidelines.

Call for Projects:
Onsite Learning Exchange / Teach-ins
Submission Deadline: March 30, 2008
Stipends Available

Call for Submissions:
Free Soil Reader: Free/Radical/Counter Institutional Reader
Submission Deadline: April 15, 2008
Stipends Available

Call for Flm/Video/Performance:
Outdoor Film/Video Screening
Submission Deadline: April 15, 2008
Stipends Available

Art + Activism / Calls / Education / Social Practice
03 Feb 2008
Call for Participation
Ekaterinburg, Russia
In Transition: Cultural Identities in the age of Transnational and Transcultural Flux

This interdisciplinary conference aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion concerning the realities, dilemmas and responses of people facing displacement or insecurity because of social, environmental and political instability, both global and local. The main objective of the conference is to contribute to the further analysis of such important issues of contemporary world as:
* migration and discrimination
* economic, political, religious, and gender displacement
* the destiny of "imagined communities" of the nation-state and formation of transcultural "imagined worlds"

Deadline: March 20, 2008

Calls / Events / Organizations
07 Jan 2008
Call for Workshop Convenors:
4th-6th SEPT, 2008 (Confirmed)
Department of Politics, IR and European Studies, Loughborough University, UK

The Anarchist Studies Network is an official Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association (UK). The principal aims of this network are to coordinate and promote the re-investigation of anarchism as a political ideology.

Calls / Education
20 Nov 2007
Call for Videos
NeMe and Lanitis Foundation are collaborating for the organisation of The Mirror Stage, an international event to take place at the Lanitis Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus on 17-28 September 2008.

The event will examine the question of video integrity and authorship in an age of deceptive and ambivalent mass media coverage, and is currently accepting video submission.

Calls / Organizations
16 Oct 2007
The Netherlands, Dordrecht
"Noordkaap Foundation is an artist-collective network organization that aims to make a critical contribution to urban renewal projects by initiating multidiscipline art-projects in public space and in empty buildings. From their temporarily headquarter, they aim to make the notion of city development and contemporary artistic strategies in public space accessible to a bigger public. The project-space is a platform for research, intervention and exchange and Noordkaap organizes exhibitions, as well as open brainstorm meetings, lectures, videoscreenings and communical activities to get the people actively involved in the restructuring of their own street."

Call for submissions
Noordkaap is open to project-proposals by guest curators, artists, designers and thinkers that test and question the urban landscape by the use of interview, cover stories, poster art, swopactions, performances, research, etc. They kindly invite you to become part of our growing international network by using our projectspace as a platform to test and present your ideas.

Artists / Calls / Organizations / Urban/City
15 Oct 2007
Call for Submissions
NeMe is currently seeking submissions to be included in the project "In Transition Russia 2008" which is an international interdisciplinary exhibition and conference dedicated to making visible and creating dialogue about displacement as a result of war, globalization, and socio-economic, religious, race, gender and class tensions.

The exhibition is a continuation of the project initiated by Helene Black and Sheila Pinkel, "In Transition Cyprus 2006" which took place in Limassol, Cyprus in October 2006. It included the work of 87 artists from 31 countries and incorporated an opening series of lectures during the exhibition geared at creating consciousness and dialogue about global displacement.

"In Transition Russia 2008" is a NeMe project presented by the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA) and will take place at the National Centres of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg and Moscow, Russian Federation between 16th October and 22nd December 2008.

Deadline for the call is December 20th, 2007.

Artists / Calls / Exhibitions / Organizations
24 Sep 2007
Calling for contributions
decentre is a book about artist-run culture that hopes to describe the breadth and quality of artist-initiated programs, projects and events, the issues we face in this milieu and how effectively we deal with them, that aims to both celebrate artist-run culture and demonstrate the vital role artist-initiated activity plays in the larger cultural scene.
They are asking for contributions.

Books / Calls
01 Sep 2007
US, Minnesota
Open invitation for the Fifth Art Shanty Projects:
"Seeking people interested in participating in the design and construction of ice fishing shanty-like structures, producing projects, art, events and shows on frozen Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN during January and February 2008.

Art Shanty Projects is a five week exhibition of science, art, knitting, karaoke, games, performances, mail, pinhole cameras, cacti and art cars. The Art Shanty Projects are part gallery, part residency and part social experiment, inspired by the tradition of ice fishing and ice fishing houses used in the Minnesota winter."

Artists / Calls / Exhibitions
28 Aug 2007
Call for Artists
DISONANCIAS is a platform that liaises and promotes relationships between artists and companies, research centres or public organisations in order to foster innovation in all its aspects and transmit to society the importance of developing creative environments.

Calls / Virtual Soil
29 Jul 2007
The camp is a continuation of the tradition of No Border camps on Eastern borders of the Fortress Europe, which were organized between 1998 and 2005. This year the international movement makes a major step forward, as the camp in Ukraine will be first ever organized on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

First of all it will be a camp for communication, networking, planning and popular education. Some of its aims are: 1) To create a ground for communication between activists from Eastern and Western Europe and from everywhere else. 2) To attract attention to the racist policy on migration. 3) To create contact with local people in the region of Transcarpathia.

The noborder network is sending out this call: "We already started to form a program of workshops, discussions, practical trainings etc. But we prefer the program of the camp to be formed by the people who will come there. So if you've got something to share or contribute - please let us know now! It can be any topic you are interested in, not only the main topic of the camp."

A related article by Stefan Dünnwald can be found here.

Calls / Organizations
04 Jul 2007
London, UK
"A Festival of European Young Urbanists brings together, in one place, over one frenetic week, young Europeans working on and in cities face to face to foster, nurture and enhance human relationships, professional networks, and, to provide a platform and party for Europe's young urbanists to respond, stimulate, create and influence our cities, now and for the future."

TINAG’s Steering Committee is requesting proposals for seminars, events and parties.

Calls / Events / Urban/City
24 Jun 2007
Call for Proposals:
Artist In Residence @ National University of Singapore
The organizing committee of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts 2008 (ISEA2008) with generous support from the National University of Singapore (NUS), is soliciting proposals from New Media artists to work collaboratively with NUS centers of research and arts in preparation of work to be submitted for exhibition during the July 2008 ISEA in Singapore.

Calls / Residencies
02 May 2007
US, San Francisco
The Collective Foundation is pleased to announce their second Collective Grant for $500.
This YBCA Grant is open to anyone and will be juried by the security guards of the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco. Deadline is May 30th, 2007.

Artists / Calls / Organizations
28 Apr 2007
Call for Participants
Bremen, Germany
An empty multistory building at the edge of Bremen, Germany. "We are looking for temporary inhabitants to explore individual living utopias. The ideas should preferably be in the field of self-sufficient, sustainable living."

Each participant will receive enough space to bring alive his/her idea. This can be anything from an architectural element to a design object from recycled material as well as a theater performance. Sproutbau is simply a place to experiment.

Since the building is going to be demolished there are very little limits for procjet ideas.

Architecture / Calls / Sustainability
10 Apr 2007
Call for Participation!

Artivistic is a transdisciplinary three-day gathering on the interPlay between art, information and activism. Artivistic emerges out of the proposition that not only artists should talk about art, academics about theory, and activists about activism.

"Artivistic does not only provide a platform for political artists and artistic activists, but partakes in the very movements that work for change. In the pursuit of temporary moments of pleasure, we move towards freedom, for resistance is perpetual and oppression, ever-changing."

Proposals welcomed: roundtables, workshops, expeditions & walks, interventions, performance, projections, show-and-tells, broadcasts, games, visual arts, media & technology arts, street arts, informal arts, experimental arts, is-it-art arts, etc.

Art + Activism / Calls / Social Practice
29 Mar 2007
US, New York
"The Rising Tide facilitates a creative outlet to students, artists, and residents of the city to explore visually issues and concepts related to climate change. Through this action, perhaps a less abstract understanding of climate change will be achieved and provide a continued dialogue about complex issues of climate change in a relevant context. "

Organizer Sea Of People is also looking for 5,000 participants, and no less than 200 volunteers. dressed in blue, to redefine lower Manhattan under the ten-foot sea level rise scenario. The project is part of Step It Up 2007, a nationwide campaign that aims to deliver a clear and powerful message to the US congressional leadership: Cut global warming pollution by 80% by 2050!

Art + Activism / Artists / Calls / Events / Organizations / Public Projects
20 Mar 2007
Non-aligned Initiatived in Education Culture
Berlin, May 24-28 2007

There are principles within learning and teaching that extend far beyond the years spent within the institutions of education. What models are emerging for an understanding of both an expanded duration of education as well as for our need to redefine what needs to be know within a contemporary civic landscape?

SUMMIT is a proposal to change the terms of the debate away from a purely bureaucratic engagement with quantitative and administrative demands and from the ongoing tendency to privatize knowledge as socalled "intellectual property". Instead of concerns with its purely organisational dimensions we would hope to steer it towards some of the important questions faced by our cultures today.

Art + Activism / Calls / Education
13 Mar 2007
"Trans Artists is an independent foundation that informs artists of any discipline about international artist-in-residence programs and other opportunities for artists to stay and work elsewhere 'for art's sake'.

The information of Trans Artists is also intended for organizations that are involved in offering international residency opportunities or are interested to become involved: residential art centres, providers of guest studios, art initiatives, cultural institutions and governmental organisations."

Artists / Calls / Organizations
11 Mar 2007
"The Musicians' Alliance for Peace (MAP) is dedicated to promoting and celebrating peace with music. Since 2004, MAP has called on people around the world to join together to affect change and help those in need.

Anyone who loves music can participate in the Music for Peace Project between March 30 and April 1. Past performances have ranged from intimate gatherings of friends who perform for each other in their homes to symphony orchestra performances in major concert halls. All you need is the desire to bring people together with music and you can make things happen."

Artists / Calls / DIY / Homebrew / Events / Organizations
21 Feb 2007
Call for proposals
US, San Francisco
The Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art (COCA) in partnership with Neighborhood Parks Council is seeking ambitious proposals for temporary site-specific projects of all media for their festival in October, 2007. The Call is fee-free and open to US-based artists.

"Open Skies is a Contemporary Arts Festival that celebrates the spirit of wonder, renewal and creative social action through artist-driven public projects that activate public space and community resources."

More details at 'parkopolis'.

Artists / Calls / Events / Organizations / Public Projects
01 Feb 2007
US, Chicago
April 19 - May 6, 2007
Version is an annual springtime convergence that brings together over 400 artists, musicians, and educators from around the world to present some of the most challenging ideas and progressive art projects of our day. The eighteen day festival showcases emerging trends in art, technology and music and has earned critical accolades here in Chicago and abroad.

The hybrid art festival / art fair brings together individuals, groups and networks that utilize visual and conceptual art strategies, innovative social practices, public art projects, and new music to push the counter cultures forwards.

Art + Activism / Calls
28 Jan 2007
L’Alliance pour la Planète, a collective made up of NGO's and associations in France, is calling out to Parisian and all European citizens to turn of their lights for five minutes on February 1st. The date is choosen because a new report will be submitted in Paris the next day by GIEC, an intergovernmental group of experts on climate change for the United Nations. The '5 minutes of respite' are meant to attract the eyes of the media, and show the French presidental candidates that global climate change must be included in the political debate.

Calls / Events / Free / Organizations / Sustainability
23 Jan 2007
Open Call
Copenhagen, Denmark
There is an open call out for research proposals from artists and researchers with a special interest in Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark.

12 Jan 2007
The National Park Services offers opportunities for visual artists, photographers, sculptors, performers, writers, composers, and craft artists to live and work in the parks. There are currently 29 parks participating in the Artist-In-Residence program.

Calls / Organizations / Public Projects
21 Dec 2006
Call for Submissions
US, Champaign
"For Collected, OPENSOURCE Art is soliciting projects, performances, films, installations, and documentation about collections, as well as collections themselves. Submissions could
be (but are not limited to) collections of objects, critically aware collections, and commentaries on collections. We encourage submissions to consider issues of display and presentation, as well as the objects themselves."
Open to submissions from artists working in new or traditional practices, as well as from collectors not working within the arts (these could be scientists, anthropologists, antiquers, anyone).

Artists / Calls / Organizations
29 Oct 2006
US, San Francisco
On Sunday November 5th, San Francisco artist Banker White organizes a beach cleanup. Volunteers will assist her by removing collecting colored plastics and remove glass and waste materials other people have left behind while seeing, experiencing and respecting this beautiful beach and ocean. When the material is collected it will be sorted by color and value, while a time-lapse video animation will be recorded of the whole process.

Want to participate.?

Art + Activism / Calls / Events
01 Oct 2006
Project 001
US, Los Angeles
For the first in a series of projects, the promising and brand new GOOD Magazine is asking their readers to submit bumper sticker designs that get people to vote. As long as you include the word “vote” and keep the size 3 by 9 inches, everything else is up to you.! Contributions will be viewable on—and downloadable from their site.

You can also send in other ideas for the following Good Projects.!

Articles / Calls / Magazines
23 Jun 2006
urban TV
URBAN-TV 2006, IV International Television Festival on Urban Life and Ecology proudly invites you to send your latests productions. The festival will take place in Madrid (Spain), from November 20th to 24th, 2006.
The competition is open to documentaries, reports and other productions finished after January 1st, 2003, about any topic related to life in the cities.

Calls / Urban/City
18 Jan 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark
The copenhagen activist art group dunst has taken the initiative to arrange an INTERNATIONAL QUEER festival 2006, 3-9 July in Copenhagen in Raahuset.
The aim with the festival is to gather and develop manifestations of queer culture and activism. The festival is concerned with alternative identity, lifestyle, gender and sexuality, which lies outside the normal hetero sexual norm. Go to their website for info on the call.

09 Dec 2005
Metropolis Magazine seeks to identify the next generation of Big Ideas by the next generation of designers. They are offering $10,000 to an individual or team of designers seeking to develop a Big Idea that will make our designed environment better, safer, and more sustainable. The Next Generation Design Competition was established in 2003 to recognize and encourage activism, social involvement, and entrepreneurship among designers.

Calls / Sustainability
05 Dec 2005
Urban Parlour Games
In general, The Project for Urban Intimacy is seeking for ways to 'transgress and counter the rationality and efficiency that infect our cities'.
To encourage more intimate forms of interaction, The Project for Urban Intimacy has recreated a set of street games. From the Urban Games website you are able to download materials that will let you take these games "to the streets".

At the moment, PUI has a call for entries for a new project focussed on particpation and interaction among coworkers in office cubicles.

Calls / Public Projects / Virtual Soil
27 Jul 2005
Writing and Art
ORLO: call for submissions

Wanted: short accounts of personal experiences with global warming.

Response-based Feature Magazine Article to be published in The Bear Deluxe Magazine.

Deadline: August 15

Orlo is a a nonprofit organization using the creative arts to explore
environmental issues.

For more info go to

Artists / Calls
11 Jul 2005
Call For Proposals
Planned for July 2006, SCANZ follows in the tradition of Solar Circuit and Polar Circuits. These events consisted of the gathering of diverse artists, curators and producers involved in contemporary practice with projects and activities intersecting the environment in some way.
The event will happen in Aotearoa / New Zealand,

11 Jul 2005
call for submissions
Tactical Media Cookbook is a web project organized by Finishing School that will share data related to the practice of tactical media. TMC will present various working theories that are associated with the practice of tactical media, supply concise project recipes from various tactical media practitioners, and present a directory of tactical media practitioners.

Calls / Exhibitions
08 Jun 2005
Research Grants
Their purpose is to further artistic and scientific knowledge by fostering the meeting of art and science in the field of technologies. The Foundation seeks to nurture a critical awareness of technology's implications for human beings and their natural and cultural environments and to promote the
exploration of aesthetics suited to environments shaped by human beings.

Calls / Sustainability
13 Apr 2005
Public Interventions in Barcelona 2005
Europe, Various Cities
Interfencia is an artistic group whose aim is the promotion and production of actions and ephemeral artistic interventions in public spaces. We demand these spaces as places of expression and social and artistic thinking. The first Interfencia event will take place in different public spaces of Barcelona during the second fortnight of July 2005 within the frame of Festival Grec. Artists or collectives of any nationality can apply for this call in one or several of the following sections of the project: The objective of this call is the selection of projects of artistic intervention mainly in public spaces of Raval District and Montjuïc area in Barcelona. Only proposals including public space as a specific part of the artistic project -modifying it, questioning it, rethink it- will be accepted.

Deadline 25 April 2005.
For more information email Mar Cordobés at

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See slide show:

Last week while I was in Barcleon...


Gardending Superfund Sites is an art project that fosters discourse around the issues of nature preservation, industry, and activism. Information and workshops with students and community groups to create a call to action to high tech industries to take responsibility for their actions.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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