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05 Aug 2009
Call for submissions: Make an image representing capitalism!
US, Chicago
AREA Chicago #8 asked readers to define capitalism, resulting in 183 diverse responses. Now they are continuing this exploration by inviting you to submit (in person, via mail or email) a visual depiction or representation of capitalism. Feel free to keep it broad and define what it is, or be specific and show how it effects you and your community.

These visual representations of capitalism will be collected throughout AREA's current exhibition and event series "Everbody's Got (more) Money Issues" taking place at Mess Hall in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood throughout the month of August.

Calls / Events / Magazines
01 Aug 2009
US, Texas
"Founded and rooted in Texas, Art Lies provides an international forum for the critical examination of artistic practice, theory and discourse on and about the contemporary arts. Art Lies achieves its mission through the publication of a quarterly journal, their Guest Editorial Program, website, membership events and public programming, including the Art Lies Annual Distinguished Critic Lecture Series."

31 May 2009
The Gulf Region
The fabulous Volume/Archis have helped to develop this remarkable site that follows the development and urban planning initiatives happening in the Gulf regions, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. and their global implications. The Almanakh 2 is soon to be published.

Architecture / Magazines / Sustainability
07 May 2009
A stage for creative/political thinking
A new, quarterly print-and-online magazine dedicated to solving problems at the intersection of arts and politics. The Arts Politic creates a conversation amongst leaders, activists, and idea-makers along the pendulum of global civic responsibility.

Art + Activism / Magazines
25 Jan 2009
Microcosm Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor based in Bloomington, IN and Portland, OR. They distribute & publish zines, books, pamphlets, stickers, buttons, patches, t-shirts, posters, films, and more!

"Our focus is disseminating ideas and information through these items. I want to show that zine writers and DIY artists are a credible contribution to society and should be respected as such. I feel that zines have been largely marginalized through most of their existence."

Art + Activism / Books / Magazines
14 Jan 2009
Nordic Queer Journal
Trikster is the first Nordic web magazine with a queer perspective on culture and politics. Trikster mixes genres and forms, and presents a variety of academic, activist, artistic, and political voices with a queer perspective. The magazine comes out 3 times a year. The Blog is updated more often. Articles: surprising, insightful and enjoyable to read.

Blogs / Magazines
04 Nov 2008
Belgium, Brussels
Code magazine intends to fill the gap by offering a platform to the young contemporary creation and its actors. Code is a free magazine published by a collective of curators. It aims at introducing new forms of expression as well as to raise the interest of the public for an exciting and innovating culture.
Code is also a curatorial project. In order to offer artists the best conditions in which to present their work, Code regularly curates collective shows.

Exhibitions / Free / Magazines
23 Sep 2008
A call for submissions
UK, Sheffield
The artist initiated group called Grow Sheffield, in collaboration with Access Space, is seeking contributions for a magazine called Collaborative Cultures to be published this autumn. The issue will reflect a theme which connects the activities of Access Space to the wider world.

They are looking for pieces of COMMONSense: prose (stories, thoughts, book reviews, bibliographies...), poetry, songs, pieces of code, photographs, cartoons, drawings, graphics or anything else you can think of. These might approach the theme in relation to green issues, land ownership, social relations, the internet, the music industry, copyright, software, or anything else that makes sense to you.

Art + Activism / Magazines / Organizations / Social Practice
12 Sep 2008
A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods Volume 2. No. 1. Summer 2008

The current issue evolved from the two-day conference Aesthetics and Politics: With and Around Jacques Rancière co-organized by Sophie Berrebi and Marie-Aude Baronian at the University of Amsterdam on 20 and 21 June 2006. A transcript of the keynote lecture ‘Aesthetic Separation, Aesthetic Community: Scenes from the Aesthetic Regime of Art’ delivered by Rancière to the conference on 20 June is published here for the first time.

Art + Activism / Free / Magazines
01 Jul 2008
St Petersburg
Chto delat/What is to be done? was founded in early 2003 in Petersburg by a workgroup of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers from Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod (see full list of participants on the web site) with the goal of merging political theory, art, and activism.

Since then, Chto delat has been publishing an English-Russian newspaper on issues central to engaged culture, with a special focus on the relationship between a repoliticization of Russian intellectual culture and its broader international context.

Art + Activism / Magazines
12 Jun 2008
City As Lab
US, Chicago
The magazine AREA Chicago is out with a new issue all available online. Its a Local Reader on Experimental Policies on the Ground in Chicago. Co-edited by Aaron Sarver, Daniel Tucker and Micah Maidenberg.

Art + Activism / Magazines / Social Practice / Urban/City
07 Apr 2008
The International Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal
"In most developed economies, the effective renewal of local neighbourhoods has become a key feature of the public policy strategies of city, regional, federal and national governments and agencies. However, examples from around the world indicate that many neighbourhood renewal strategies despite being well meant, have failed to deliver effective neighbourhood renewal because of a lack of understanding of the societal effects that have led to the long term decline of neighbourhoods.

This Journal aims to contribute to the development of high quality neighbourhood renewal strategies by publishing research and practice from around the world."

Articles / Magazines / Urban/City
30 Mar 2008
Iran - The Netherlands
Pages was started in 2004 by artists Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi as an ongoing project, examining the possibilities of interaction and reflection between various local discourses and conditions that may generate spaces of critique or instances of critical practices.

Pages project is published in Farsi/English with a particular focus on the Iranian context.


23 Mar 2008
Current Issue - Vol 28 no 1
Fuel for Thought: oil, energy, conflict and art

Artlink covers contemporary art in Australia and through its networking with the national and international scene, provides a context for evaluation and analysis. It regularly produces Special Issues on specific areas, and undertakes major theme-based features.

Art + Activism / Magazines / Sustainability
18 Mar 2008
Belgium, Ghent
"A Prior Magazine publishes two regular issues a year in which the body of work of an artist is discussed at large by means of visual and textual contributions. With an extensive portfolio and texts by various authors from different fields a substantial publication is established – always in close collaboration with the artist – offering simultaneously two additional artists the possibility to set up an artist’s project accompanied by a newly commissioned text.

A Prior Magazine is in fact compiled in a similar way as an exhibition: a multi-sided offer including different viewpoints however with an eye for some degree of affinity. After the monographic and artistic contributions, the last section of A Prior Magazine, VISIONS, consists of a series of textual as well as visual columns comments on contemporary developments and discussions in the fields of art and visual culture."

Articles / Artists / Magazines
10 Jan 2008
A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher
Belgium / USA
In the fall of 2007, this last ever issue of one of belgians best magazine was published by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp. Luckily, from January 2008 onwards, MuHKA will join the publishing tandem of Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, and the School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. in producing the journal Afterall.

Articles / Artists / Magazines
08 Oct 2007
San Francisco
"A quarterly periodical in the form of an object. Each year, four artists, writers, musicians or filmmakers are invited by the editors ( Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan ) to create an everyday object that somehow incorporates text. This object will be reproduced and hand wrapped in brown paper packaging by the editors and then mailed to the homes of the subscribers with the help of the United States Postal Service."

Artists / Magazines
28 Jun 2007
A free, online journal aiming to promote, maintain, improve and advance the education of the public particularly by the encouragement of the Arts including (but not limited to) the arts of drama, dance, music, singing, literature and visual arts.

Free / Magazines / Virtual Soil
18 Jun 2007
US, New York
"Guernica is a magazine of art and politics which launched its first issue on October 25, 2004, about a week before the U.S. presidential election and marking the day Pablo Picasso was born over a century before.

In the Guernica blog, writers react to world events in real time, calling out politicians or fellow writers on hypocrisy, slippage, or downright wrongheaded views. Or they report on local events, books, trends—and frequently zig zag across the political and aesthetic map."

Blogs / Magazines
04 Jun 2007
Ephemera is an electronic forum for developing and extending discussions of critical perspectives on organization. It is transdisciplinary and encourages contributions from a broad spectrum of academics, researchers, activists, practitioners, employees and other members of organizations.

Art + Activism / Magazines / Social Practice / Virtual Soil
14 May 2007
New issue out of Mute Magazine. It's readable on-line and very recommendable for critical debate on climate change issues and its political and social implications.

Magazines / Sustainability
24 Apr 2007
In selfless service to their community Robert Hamelijnck & Nienke Terpsma have been reporting from a variety of local art sceenes and publishing the fanzine FGA. Out just now is FGA #16 from Copenhagen, and it should be found on their website soon. All back issues can be seen and offers a reflexive, entertaining and critical view on local art worlds.

13 Apr 2007
US, New York
Dr. Dickson Despommier, a professor of environmental sciences and microbiology at Columbia University, has developed the idea of “vertical farm” skyscrapers. In his theory he speculates about 30-story towers producing fruit, vegetables, and grains while also generating clean energy and purifying wastewater. Roughly 150 such buildings, Despommier estimates, could feed the entire city of New York for a year.

from New York Magazine

Architecture / Magazines / Sustainability / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
18 Mar 2007
US, Oakland
"LiP, an all-volunteer, not-for-profit media project, brings a unique, accessible, and well-edited mix of radical politics, culture, sex, and humor, guided by a serious structural critique of power and social change, and a gleeful engagement with pop culture. The intent is to frame the project of social change as simple common sense, and to show active engagement and participation in the community as a vibrant, emancipatory practice, rather than the onerous, leaden practice we believed is being projected by many progressive media projects. Rejecting orthodoxies across the political spectrum, LiP seeks to provide intellectual tools for our readers' mental and political growth and self-defense."

Articles / Magazines
21 Feb 2007
Somewhat a blunder that the magazine and effort; An Architektur hasn't been mentioned here before. Apart from making the mag they also organize Camp for Oppositional Architecture last time in Casco in Utrecht. The magazine was founded out of the architecture collective Freies Fach that dealt with urban politics in actions, performances and writing. See the history of Freies Fach here (in German but with images)

Architecture / Magazines / Urban/City
24 Nov 2006
"Solidarities - The things we mean and want when we say we"
US, Chicago
A new Issue of Area is out "critically exploring the very basic political question of solidarity"
Edited by Daniel Tucker, contributors are too to many to mention here, but this is good stuff go check it out yourself, all content is published under Creative Commons and can be read online
Area is also link of the week.

Art + Activism / Magazines
24 Nov 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom are current in residence in Copenhagen and have a project in process going, a part of it is: "The Library of Radiant Optimism for Let's Re-Make the World" - "a library of how-to books from the counter culture of the late 60s/early 70s as well as their own projects and investigations in relation to the groundswell of oppositional living that happened then." A small Pdf publication can be downloaded freely.

Art + Activism / Magazines / Social Practice
02 Nov 2006
Broken ipods wanted for art
US, New York
Stay Free magazine is seeking artists and (broken) ipods for an upcoming project about planned obsolescence. Why does the portable player widely considered the hallmark of savvy design typically die in little over a year? Are ipods "made to break"? Or simply, as some critics have suggested, run-of-the-mill e-waste?
Nice info links as well.

Magazines / Sustainability
31 Oct 2006
"Information wants to be Free", Stewart Brand
San Francisco
This exhibition will combine artworks, experimental film and video, documentary material and artifacts that trace the countercultural discourse that made Brand's assertion possible: from its early manifestations in the postwar bohemian underground to its adoption as a basic principle by a new generation of artists, hackers, and activists.

Please visit the ever amazing resource:
Radical Software online

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Magazines / Virtual Soil
01 Oct 2006
Project 001
US, Los Angeles
For the first in a series of projects, the promising and brand new GOOD Magazine is asking their readers to submit bumper sticker designs that get people to vote. As long as you include the word “vote” and keep the size 3 by 9 inches, everything else is up to you.! Contributions will be viewable on—and downloadable from their site.

You can also send in other ideas for the following Good Projects.!

Articles / Calls / Magazines
12 Sep 2006
Århus, Denmark
Is an interdisciplinary art project consisting of a video production, a web site and the magazine Speak Up!
The magazine Speak UP! set up tolerance is an independent magazine that focuses on freedom of speech, visibility, responsibility and possibility in the current social and political everyday.
Made by Uzma Ahmed Andresen, Tanja Nellemann and Grete Aagaard
download the magazine

Art + Activism / Magazines / Public Projects
22 Aug 2006
The Finnish Art Review
Framework is a discursive forum that opens a space for a variety of visual material, as well as extensive articles, analyses and international commentaries. One of its major tasks is to assist in establishing Finnish contemporary art on the international scene - to connect the local to the international. It is primarily concerned with visual arts and culture, but will also deal with other art forms and cultural criticism at large. Framework emphasises and supports cross-disciplinary aspects of art that transcend conventional boundaries.

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Here are the ten art projects that deal with the subject of Climate Change, including us.

Joni T


nowHere, a space where a spot becomes a place.
15 march - 25 may, 2008

nowHere, is a cabinet which invokes a dialogue on re-appropriation of the private and public domain. Through personal tags and geographies (books, movies, music, websites, drawings, mappings, photocopies, art works, ... ) it reads as a 'certain' historical relation between human, space and technology.

bolwerK considers the constructed in-between space of architect C.Kieckens, within the art space, Z33, not as a sub-art space with a curatorial reading; a cabinet as 'museum' but as a space with a personal narrative and a social meaning embedded in a neighborhood. The active use of the space for living, eating, working, sleeping implies that the cabinet is more a 'room of collection', in a live, real-time situation.

During PLACE@SPACE Marthe Van Dessel will post live from Z33, as a guest contributor on Free Soil, to connect, publish and share her discourse
with the virtual open public resources of the net.

The the conceptualization of the space as 'ongoing', work-in-progress externalizes the precarity of information, issues of copyright, authorship, knowledge production and hierarchical information networks.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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