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Amy Franceschini
31 Mar 2009
Dallas, Texas
Entry Deadline: May 8, 2009
Re:Vision is a revolutionary initiative to create the prototype for an innovative, sustainable urban community. At the heart of the process is a series of contests generating visionary ideas for what can and should be in the design about urban space.

Architecture / Calls
08 Mar 2009
JACKRABBIT HOMESTEAD is a forthcoming book and web-based multimedia presentation featuring a downloadable car audio tour exploring the cultural legacy of the Small Tract Act in Southern California's Morongo Basin region near Joshua Tree National Park. Stories from this underrepresented regional history are told through the voices of local residents, historians, and area artists—many of whom reside in reclaimed historic cabins and use the structures as inspiration for their creative work.

Architecture / Books / Virtual Soil
03 Mar 2009
US, Stanford
April 15-17, 2009
The Rising Tide conference is a series of topically organized panels, seminars, and roundtable discussions, bringing together creative professionals, scholars and students to engage in conversations and debates about the intersections of ethics, aesthetics, and environmentalism. This groundbreaking conference will be jointly hosted by California College of the Arts and Stanford University.

Our audience and collaborators come from various disciplinary backgrounds. They are artists, activists, community organizers, venture capitalists, philanthropists, students, and faculty of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, Writing, Criticism, Curatorial Practice and Environmental Sciences who are helping to push the green revolution to a tipping point.

Art + Activism / Sustainability / Symposium / Conference
20 Feb 2009
U.S. Baltimore
March 27-29, 2009

A group of activists and organizers, including Red Emma's, the Indypendent Reader, The Baltimore Development Cooperative, campbaltimore, and the Campaign for a Better Baltimore are calling for a conference called The City From Below, to take place in Baltimore at 2640, a grassroots community center and events venue.

"The city has emerged in recent years as an indispensable concept for many of the struggles for social justice we are all engaged in - it's a place where theory meets practice, where the neighborhood organizes against global capitalism, where unequal divisions based on race and class can be mapped out block by block and contested, where the micropolitics of gender and sexual orientation are subject to metropolitan rearticulation, where every corner is a potential site of resistance and every vacant lot a commons to be reclaimed, and, most importantly, a place where all our diverse struggles and strategies have a chance of coming together into something greater. In cities everywhere, new social movements are coming into being, hidden histories and herstories are being uncovered, and unanticipated futures are being imagined and built - but so much of this knowledge remains, so to speak, at street-level. We need a space to gather and share our stories, our ideas and analysis, a space to come together and rethink the city from below."

Art + Activism / Events / Social Practice / Urban/City
20 Jan 2009
Liberating Foreclosed Housing for People
Miami, Florida
Take Back the Land has been liberating public and foreclosed land and homes since 2006-- occupying foreclosed homes and moving people into these places!!

"It is immoral to maintain vacant homes for the purpose of profits in the future, while human beings are forced to live on the street today. The madness of such a policy is only compounded when one considers the owners of these vacant homes are not other people, but banks, the same banks receiving billions of dollars in bailouts without having to trade in the foreclosed homes for use by some of the people financing the bailouts. Additional government resources, including police and other government agencies, should not be used to evict low income people from homes in order to maintain vacant structures for bailed out banks to profit from some time in the future."

Art + Activism / Social Practice / Urban/City
14 Jan 2009
Santa Cruz, USA
The Strengthening the Roots: Food, Justice, & Fair Trade
February 13th - 15th
The convergence is organized by the California Student Sustainability Coalition's Foods Initiative/West Coast Real Food Challenge, United Students for Fair Trade, & the Community Agroecology Network. This regional gathering of students, allies, and other key members of the Fair Trade & Sustainable Food Movement will build upon past accomplishments and serve as a catalyst for regional integration and leadership development. In addition to strengthening the roots of the movement through content explored, the convergence will broaden the leadership community by actively engaging new high school and middle school youth and deepening the commitment of our college level affiliates.

Events / Sustainability
19 Dec 2008
US, New York
We have just occupied New School University.

We liberate this space for ourselves, and all those who want to join us, for our general autonomous use. We take the university in explicit solidarity with those occupying the universities and streets in Greece, Italy, France and Spain.

This occupation begins as a response to specific conditions at the New School, the corporatization of the university and the impoverishment of education in general. However, it is not just this university but also New York City that is in crisis: in the next several months, thousands of us will be losing our jobs, while housing remains unaffordable and unavailable to many and the cost of living skyrockets.

Education / Free / Urban/City
27 Nov 2008
The Mobile Academy has been on tour for seven years. It continually changes location, time, theme and form: a large-scale MA gathered 180 people together for 4 weeks for a temporally limited international imagined community (Bochum 1999/Berlin 2004), while the smallest version brought together two people - the artist and the client - for private lessons lasting one hour at public places in the city. For knowledge transfer, it can assume the character of a camp, an installation, a blind date or a marketplace.

MA's most recent manifestation is Black Market Archive.

Education / Exhibitions / Public Projects
19 Nov 2008
UK, Essex
The Field Station Energy Café is a project by Pilot Publishing (Amy Plant and Ella Gibbs) which will reinvigorate Gunpowder Park with a feeling of the original ‘commons’ where land was used as a resource for all.
The construction of Energy Café will turn normal planning procedures on its head. The process will be developed organically, out of necessity, through people’s involvement.

Art + Activism / Public Projects
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Here are the ten art projects that deal with the subject of Climate Change, including us.

Joni T


Gardending Superfund Sites is an art project that fosters discourse around the issues of nature preservation, industry, and activism. Information and workshops with students and community groups to create a call to action to high tech industries to take responsibility for their actions.
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