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Nis Rømer
19 Jun 2008
July 26-29
US, New York
Citysol is a four-day music and art festival that celebrates the vital connection between cultural innovation and the movement for environmental sustainability. The mission of Citysol is to provide a new venue for creative artistic collaborations, while engaging young New Yorkers in an advocacy campaign to bring about stronger policies in support of clean, renewable solar power in New York State.

Sustainability / Urban/City
12 Jun 2008
City As Lab
US, Chicago
The magazine AREA Chicago is out with a new issue all available online. Its a Local Reader on Experimental Policies on the Ground in Chicago. Co-edited by Aaron Sarver, Daniel Tucker and Micah Maidenberg.

Art + Activism / Magazines / Social Practice / Urban/City
25 May 2008
US, Paia, Hawaii
Plant A Wish" allows a person or a business to purchase native trees and donate them – along with their personal wishes for the future – to a native reforestation project on Maui or abroad. Their wishes are written on small pieces of biodegradable paper and planted underneath their tree(s. Organized by the local permaculturegroup, learn more on their blog.

Public Projects / Sustainability
24 Mar 2008
At the basic democratic institution NGBK in Berlin a show is coming up this week about the use of catastrophes in relation to climate change and a discussion on who benefits from and uses or even encourages a feeling of danger. With: Ingo Vetter (SE/D), René Lück (D), Lise Skou / Nis Rømer (DK) and more, architecture by Oliver Clemens and Sabine Horlitz

Exhibitions / Sustainability
05 Mar 2008
Helsinki, Finland
GRASSROOTS is a 2-day conference, a public forum for discovering and debating the wide field art and ecology today. It is taking place at Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland, on the 16th and 17th of April. See the web page for the full program.

Art + Activism / Sustainability
05 Mar 2008
Hawaii, US
By Gaye Chan + Nandita Sharma on public food, public land and commons in Hawaii

Free / Public Projects / Sustainability
27 Feb 2008
Århus, Denmark
The culture that we all create should not be owned or privatized by corporations. The instrumentalisation of art and culture for economic gain is an invasion of our life worlds that needs to be addressed and countered. We will produce with lust for life and dance on the graves of the bloodsuckers from the creative class and the experience economy.

With: Sine Bang (DK), Kayle Brandon (UK), Kristine Briede (Latvia), Adams & Itso, Field Work (DK), Groupwork/Students from the Art Academies (DK), Andreas Wegner (D/AUS), Henrik Moltke (DK), Amy Balkin (US), YNKB (DK)
Curated by Field Work; Lise Skou and Nis Rømer

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Free / Open Source / Public Projects
22 Feb 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
This is the third event in a series initiated by the Library of Radiant Optimism (Brett Bloom + Bonnie Fortune) and YNKB, which started in late 2006 with The Radiantly Optimistic Poster Show!exhibited at YNKB, December 2006, and at Messhall, Chicago, June 2007. Over this weekend there will be talks workshop and food. Read the program online. All is taking place at YNKB at Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Art + Activism
11 Dec 2007
MFK is a gender separatist art and educational space by and for persons who identify as women. It's an ongoing public art project aiming to create a place were art, politics and feminism are brought together, opened and combined. Their blog is in Swedish but you can also see this interview by Jeuno JE Kim.

Art + Activism / Blogs / Education / Organizations
11 Dec 2007
I have been looking very much forward to this publication and NOW is available:
"An Atlas of Radical Cartography is a collection of 10 maps and 10 essays about social issues from globalization to garbage; surveillance to extraordinary rendition; statelessness to visibility; deportation to migration. It pairs artists, architects, and designers with writers to address the role of the map as a political agent. An Atlas of Radical Cartography makes an important contribution to a growing cultural movement that traverses the boundaries between art, cartography, geography and activism."
Edited by Lize Mogel and Alexis Bhagat
Published by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press

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A seminar and exhibition organized by Ulrike Solbrig, Åsa Sonjasdotter and Nis Rømer, in Sparwasser, Berlin, August 2007.

Text by Nis R...


Gardending Superfund Sites is an art project that fosters discourse around the issues of nature preservation, industry, and activism. Information and workshops with students and community groups to create a call to action to high tech industries to take responsibility for their actions.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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