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Amy Franceschini
18 Nov 2008
The Alphabet City series challenges us to rethink ideas central to our lives. In each volume writers and artists address single theme from many perspectives, revealing its processes and possibilities.

This issue, FUEL, examines the future of energy by asking about the politics, science, and history that have shaped the impending crisis of supply while describing possible futures. How will world work after coal and oil? Will the changes be slow or sudden? How might we steer toward a future without massive disruption to our economic life? FUEL addresses these and other questions about the necessary radical reinvention of energy.

Alphabet City is co-published with The MIT Press and appears each October accompanied by an arts and ideas festival in Toronto.

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14 Nov 2008
India Resource Center works to support movements against corporate globalization in India. They provide timely information on transnational corporations to Indian movements and educate and mobilize key constituencies in the US and other countries to take action in support of campaigns in India.

Oslo (November 11, 2008): Students at the University of Oslo have voted overwhelmingly to restrict the dominant presence of Coca-Cola products on campus, and introduce ethical alternatives to Coca-Cola on campus.

Social Practice / Sustainability
12 Nov 2008
The most ingenious project i have seen in ages. Completely inspiring!! Go go go!
TheWhoFarm is a non-partisan, petition-based initiative to respectfully request that our 44th President oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House, our nation’s First Home, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.

DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
11 Nov 2008
U.S. Boston
The MIT Visual Arts Program hosts a cross-disciplinary lecture series that includes speakers from art, architecture, urbanism and technology from around the world. These speakers will start a discourse to imagine tomorrow's urban living conditions.

Events / Urban/City
02 Nov 2008
Greening Our Urban Spheres
US, San Francisco
An exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts that brings together a diverse group of practitioners who combine art with cultural activism to explore questions of how we ensure sustainability for our growing urban populations. "Since our relationship with nature varies so much from one culture or locale to the next, The Gatherers provides an opportunity to explore not only the differences, but also the similarities, of their attempts to green our urban spaces. In doing so, it touches upon a broad range of interlinking matters, from environmental issues to urban spatial justice, through interactive programs, urban interventions and public dialogue."

Artists and artist collectives in the exhibition include: Fallen Fruit, Amy Franceschini with Wilson Diaz, The National Bitter Melon Council, Oda Projesi, Marjetica Potrc, Public Matters, Ted Purves and Susanne Cockrell, Rebar, roomservices and Åsa Sonjasdotter. The Gatherers is co-curated by Berin Golonu and Veronica Wiman.

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Sustainability
25 Oct 2008
Another labor of love edited by Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst and Christina Ulke. This one is released in coordination with the California Biennial.

Over 300 pages of contemporary action and thought crafted & collected for 7 months. This "brick of a book" explores current cultural resistance practices, antiwar activism and contemporary critical theory in three distinct sections. The book comes with in depth analysis of activist and art projects as well as resolute analysis of cultural conditions.

Art + Activism / Books
14 Oct 2008
Portland, Oregon
A Portland based database of wild food sources.

Sustainability / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
29 Sep 2008
Brussels, Belgium
PARK 58 is an initiative that aims at a creative reinvention and participative re-appropriation of the city of Brussels, starting from the imaginary mental transformation of a very special place – relatively unknown – in the heart of the city: Parking 58.

This parking lot, built on the occasion of the World Exhibition in ’58, directly tells a lot about the history of Brussels, in its past and present realities. Its highest level offers a stunning and unmatched 360° panoramic view on the city. This specific building, which stands for 50 years of “Bruxellisation” and drastic changes to the cityscape and urban tissue, involving the spectacular rise of King Car, symbolizes many long-abandoned options in the development of urban structures and mobility. Designed for the use of the clients of the Carrefour supermarket at the floor level, its vast rooftop remains largely unoccupied.

Architecture / Art + Activism / Sustainability / Urban/City
24 Sep 2008
A multifaceted project on a national scale, Democracy in America travels across the country to take the temperature of artists’ relationships with and reactions to the historic roots and practical manifestations of the American democratic tradition. Creative Time will promote active participation and open discourse during the 2008 election season and beyond by engaging a diverse community of artists, activists, thinkers, and citizens to create spaces for dialogue, exploration, and congregation. The project includes: a 7-day exhibition at the historic landmark Park Avenue Armory, performative artist commissions from coast to coast and at the RNC and DNC, mobile projects visiting communities in Queens and Brooklyn, and a publication giving artists a platform to reflect on democracy in this country.

Art + Activism / Events
18 Sep 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen based pracitioners, Pulsk Ravn and Johan Carlsson
develop new ways of looking at design, architecture and art. They work across these disciplines both as a group and in collaboration with others; this is in order to be able to keep an open-minded professional and innovative standard.

RACA'S studio has created an atmosphere for the unfolding of ideas. The space is used as a live lab where prototypes and thoughts can be developed thereby giving us the possibility of trying out new ideas in direct relation to the user.

Architecture / Artists / Urban/City
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The "five finger plan" of Copenhagen, is made to make the city develop along five lines of infrastructure and leave intact green belts between the fin...


For the Garage festival 09 Free Soil have conducted a site specific research project investigating the environment of the Baltic Sea.

We created an alternative archive of political and historical events that have occurred in the Baltic Sea region, especially Stralsund and linked these with the sea’s responses. The impact of Industrialisation, population growth and political changes has resulted in climatic and environmental changes recorded in the sea. Nature retaliates by creating new forms, one of the most significant being the spread and growth of toxic Blue Green Algae or “phytoplankton”

Images: wooden sewerage pipe from Stralsund. &
Portrait of William Lindley the designer of the first sewerage system in Stralsund, algae on paper.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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