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Stijn Schiffeleers
27 Jan 2009
The first public experiment in the ATKN research project explores some of the fundamental elements of wireless communication. Technological development made it possible to use changing electrical fields as messenger, first over wires later via electromagnetic waves through the air.

Each day we use our wireless devices to pick up the messages, that travel on these waves, out of the air. The airspace that surrounds us is filled with data. In this experiment two vertical axis windmills use the displacement of air to harvest energy to establish communication. The speed of the windmill and the amount of energy generated defines the quality of the connection between the two locations. Information will be send back and forth if conditions allow it. Air will generate energy which will produce communication and fill the airspace.

Artists / Sustainability
25 Jan 2009
Microcosm Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor based in Bloomington, IN and Portland, OR. They distribute & publish zines, books, pamphlets, stickers, buttons, patches, t-shirts, posters, films, and more!

"Our focus is disseminating ideas and information through these items. I want to show that zine writers and DIY artists are a credible contribution to society and should be respected as such. I feel that zines have been largely marginalized through most of their existence."

Art + Activism / Books / Magazines
19 Jan 2009
Language Works - Video, Audio and Poetry
Belgium, Brussels
"The work of Vito Acconci (b. 1940) deals with critical, now and then even playful aspects of identity politics – the ‘self’ as a social construct – and is characterized by self-motivated research into the relationship between artist and viewer, how individual and social space are related to one another. The extensive exhibition offers an insight into the practice that this influential artist carried-out in the 1970s, from the perspective of the role of language as a catalyzing impulse. This is thereby the center of gravity shaping Acconci’s conceptual, performance-based videos and audio works, wherein he executes an intense dialogue between his body and psyche, the ‘I’ and the ‘you’, the public and private space, in the form of stream-of-consciousness monologues. This historic, groundbreaking body of work, distinguished by an unusually psychodramatic intensity, is supplemented in this exhibition by graphic transcriptions of audio works and early poetry works. In these works the physical materialization of language is central, achieved through means of syntactical experiments and typographical permutations."

At Argos vzw (Jan.27 2009 - April.11 2009)

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Social Practice
16 Jan 2009
Environmental Art Residency Program
US, Connecticut
"As in 2007, I-Park will host an international environmental art program on the grounds of its 450-acre artists’ community in rural East Haddam, Connecticut. The program will consist of two, two-week focused residency sessions comprised of environmental artists, landscape/garden designers and other visual, music and performance-based artists whose work engages the natural landscape.

Artists will be given space on the land to realize their environmental projects. They will also be provided with comfortable living quarters and meals for the duration of their residency."

27 Dec 2008
Today, the need to identify and instrumentalise “spatial practices” becomes significant due to the unprecedented visibility of what one might call “globalization at work”: from Iraq to Nepal, Dubai to Mumbai, a new atlas is being re-drawn for the 21st century, one that Thomas Friedman describes as a new “flatness”. Did Someone Say Participate? re-draws the map of participatory, spatial practice that is a function of such shifts.

24 Dec 2008
Belgium, Brussels
"Climate change forces us to face the consequences of our actions and overturns our world-view of endless growth and progress. Sombre predictions are no longer dismissed as apocalyptic millennial madness. Our ‘longing for the wilderness’ is put to the test by melting ice caps, acidified primeval forests, felled rain forests and endangered animal species.

Under the heading Burning Ice, the Kaaitheater will for a whole week be gathering together artists, scientists and cultural critics. They will be discussing with each other the role art might play in all this, and will also show their work."

Events / Exhibitions
12 Dec 2008
Belgium, Brussels
"Politics of Change is a research project in which artists, theorists and activists reflect on innovative ideas, contributions and solutions which support distributed and grassroot structures. This reflection takes place through a program of free discussion and dialogue and is documented in a multimedia archive-installation.
The focus is on the role of women at the core of these communities.
Drawing on a wide range of artistic and theoretical approaches, the aim is to imagine new and sustainable relationships between humans, their environments and (appropriate) technologies."

December 18, 19 and 20, 2008

Art + Activism / Events
09 Dec 2008
Food Democracy Now! is a grassroots movement initiated by farmers, writers, chefs, eaters and policy advocates who recognize the profound sense of urgency in creating a new food system that is capable of meeting the changing needs of American society as it relates to food, health, animal welfare and the environment.

Food Democracy Now! invites to sign this live petition effort to encourage President-Elect Obama to consider a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.

Calls / Sustainability
26 Nov 2008
US, North Carolina
Elsewhere, an arts production site and experimental museum in Greensboro, NC, is seeking artists, writers, and cultural producers for their 2009 residency program.

It's program offers participants an exceptional opportunity to create with the immense materials of a 58-year collection of surplus, thrift, and antiques. Located within downtown, the residency invites artists to join a community of collaborators from across the world in creating projects across media.

25 Nov 2008
UK, Cambridge
A collection of diverse volunteers who live, work or study in Cambridge team up in pairs to discuss their city. They cut, core and peel apples to reflect the forces that shape Cambridge and it’s residents. The exhibition, at The Shop, presents the results of this community collaboration.

8 December - 20 December 2008
Free Entry

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Social Practice
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Last week while I was in Barcleon...


The project intersects with recent public debate in Copenhagen about air pollution in the city. In collaboration with Senior Scientist Jørgen Brandt from The National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark a first prototype is developed for making an indicator that can be placed in the city and display local levels of pollution as well as pollution forecasts on individual streets. The project holds an open source script for displaying data from the Internet in a variety of forms.
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Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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