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Amy Franceschini
12 Sep 2008
A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods Volume 2. No. 1. Summer 2008

The current issue evolved from the two-day conference Aesthetics and Politics: With and Around Jacques Rancière co-organized by Sophie Berrebi and Marie-Aude Baronian at the University of Amsterdam on 20 and 21 June 2006. A transcript of the keynote lecture ‘Aesthetic Separation, Aesthetic Community: Scenes from the Aesthetic Regime of Art’ delivered by Rancière to the conference on 20 June is published here for the first time.

Art + Activism / Free / Magazines
09 Sep 2008
Austria, Vienna
Sept. 12-13, 2008
Symposium in 3 "heuristic historical phases":
-the 18th century – man, along with all other creatures, is embedded in an Economy of Nature (Linné).
-19th century - this wholeness seems to be lost: the discovery of ‘ambiences’ results in the duplication of heterogeneous environments in sociology as well as in biology.
-20th century onwards - these different environments tend to be colonised more and more by the term ‘system’.

Art + Activism / Events
04 Sep 2008
US, San Francisco
The Great Rehearsal:
A symposium and week of events
on the World Revolution of '68 and its legacies

September 17-25, 2008

1968 was a world revolution. From Mexico City to Tokyo, Paris to Prague, Columbia University to Berkeley, it was a revolutionary event that at once failed and transformed the world. The process it put into place continues today. 1968, the long '68, altered fundamental balances of power and set the stage for today's new movements. '68 was a great rehearsal. For what, it is up to us to decide.

The Global Commons Foundation, PM Press, and Historians Against the War invite you to a week of discussions and events on the worldwide events of 1968 and their legacies.

Art + Activism / Events / Free
02 Sep 2008
Th New New Museum
US, New York
"After Nature" surveys a landscape of wilderness and ruins, darkened by uncertain catastrophe. It is a story of abandonment, regression, and rapture—an epic of humanity and nature coming apart under the pressure of obscure forces and not-so-distant environmental disasters. Bringing together an international and multigenerational group of artists, filmmakers, writers, and outsiders, the exhibition depicts a universe in which humankind is being eclipsed and new ecological systems struggle to find a precarious balance.

Exhibitions / Sustainability
28 Aug 2008
Aug. 30 + 31

Wander to the wild with artist Amy Franceschini and botanist Stefen Ericsson. Learn to identify the natural enviroment
surrounding your city. By examining a 10 x 10 meter sample of wild space in Umea, Sweden, workshoppers will discuss the relationships in this community of plants as it might relate to relationships in cities both spatially and socially.

Art + Activism / Events / Sustainability / Urban/City
22 Aug 2008
US, Chicago
Hull-House Kitchen: Re-thinking Soup
Every Tuesday, 12-1:30pm
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
Residents' Dining Hall
800 South Halsted

A gathering every Tuesday to eat delicious, healthy soup and have fresh, organic conversation about many of the urgent social, cultural, economic, and environmental food issues facing us all.

Please join us in the historic Residents' Dining Hall, where Upton Sinclair, Ida B. Wells, W.E.B.DuBois, Gertrude Stein and other important social reformers met to share meals and ideals, debate one another, and conspire to change the world. Activists, farmers, doctors, economists, artists, and guest chefs will join us each week to present their ideas and projects.

Art + Activism / Events / Free / Sustainability
05 Aug 2008
Anywhere is dedicated to exploring ideas and action about the commons—which encompasses natural assets such as oceans and clean air as well as cultural endowments like the Internet, scientific research and the arts.

Art + Activism / Blogs / Virtual Soil
03 Aug 2008
Locating Art and Politics in New York City
US, New York
A network of cultural, educational, and activist organizations and individuals dedicated to developing coordinated strategies to raise people’s awareness of the multitude of art political activities in New York City.

Art + Activism
02 Aug 2008
The 2008 G8 on Hokkaido, a Strategic Assessment
Bristol, UK
A document by a collection of activists, scholars, and writers currently based in the United States and Western Europe who have gotten to know and work with each other in the movement against capitalist globalization. Written at the request of some members of No! G8 Action Japan, who asked for a broad strategic analysis of the state of struggle and particularly, of the role of the G8, what it represents, the dangers and opportunities that may lie hidden in the moment.

Art + Activism
31 Jul 2008
São Paulo creates the "Clean City" law that bans billboards, ads on taxi's and buses and imposes strict limits on shopfront signs. It is no surprise that Clear Channel is claiming this "illegal".

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By Joni Taylor
Part 1

Apocalypse may be the new black, but the Plague, the Cold War and the Millennium Bug combined did not add ...
Joni T


Gardending Superfund Sites is an art project that fosters discourse around the issues of nature preservation, industry, and activism. Information and workshops with students and community groups to create a call to action to high tech industries to take responsibility for their actions.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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