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Nis RÝmer
29 Jun 2007
This is a real resource for people interested in alternative city development and research. Editors and authors Jochen Becker and Stephan Lanz and others have made publicly available major parts of their writing on Cities like Istanbul, Teheran, Farvelas in Rio and more. Among the books are "City og COOP", and "Space // Troubles". The books continue a strong German tradition for alternative but thoroughly researched urban investigations.

Articles / Books / Free / Urban/City
31 May 2007
US, Los Angeles
Farmlab is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuity of all living things. The people that did Not a Cornfield are continuing their efforts under this umbrella. Amongst their projects are; turning a junker car into a garden where Farmlab presents an exhibition and demonstration of "How to Make a Junker Garden".

Public Projects / Sustainability
15 May 2007
by Jo Freeman
A texts from 1970 that reflects on working in groups and collectives with a loose structure.
It builds on practical experiences from especially women's liberation movement and ends by suggesting principles for democratic structuring. Relevant reflections for today's collaborative practices as well.

Articles / Social Practice
14 May 2007
New issue out of Mute Magazine. It's readable on-line and very recommendable for critical debate on climate change issues and its political and social implications.

Magazines / Sustainability
03 May 2007
+discursive picnics
UNWETTER is an international group of artists, curators, theoreticians and activists. Like Unwetter (German for stormy and turbulent weather) radical global transformations reshuffle conventional knowledge systems and hierarchies, opening new spaces to be explored.
UNWETTER's basic format is the Discursive Picnic that connects different contexts in an ongoing process of reciprocal exchange.
Website is also a great resource for further reading and links.

Art + Activism / Public Projects / Sustainability
28 Apr 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stewart Home reports in an article in Mute magazine from the seminar "Expect anything fear nothing" recently held in Copenhagen. This and the description of the riots and situation around the now demolished Youth House makes it a necessary read. Plus the seminar site have some good resources to situationist material.

Art + Activism / Artists / Urban/City
24 Apr 2007
In selfless service to their community Robert Hamelijnck & Nienke Terpsma have been reporting from a variety of local art sceenes and publishing the fanzine FGA. Out just now is FGA #16 from Copenhagen, and it should be found on their website soon. All back issues can be seen and offers a reflexive, entertaining and critical view on local art worlds.

17 Apr 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Two projects are unfolding simultaneously in Copenhagen city spaces, organized by "publik" that produces temporary art in public spaces:
How Do you belong? is a series of public art project focusing on different aspects and meanings of belonging. First project to open was Hartmut Stockters "Ponganer for a day" Where you can rid yourself of the prejudices that go with your current national identity. The nature and culture of Ponga is richly described in drawings and objects
Read more

Surface Tension_Copenhagen invites Danish and international artists to take a look at Copenhagen's infrastructure and backsides. One project is a Public Air Quality Indicator installed on Copenhagen City Hall. With Yvette Brackman, OctŠvio Camargo, Ken Ehrlich, Robin Wilson & Nigel Green, Brandon LaBelle, RACA and Nis RÝmer.
Read more

Public Projects / Sustainability / Urban/City
13 Mar 2007
The book is a compilation of texts and projects (not only by superflex) that actualize, exemplify or discuss self-organisation. The counter-economic strategies presented here are alternatives to classical capitalist economic organisation that exploit, or have been produced by, the existing global economic system.

Books / Social Practice / Sustainability
12 Mar 2007
creativity hypes
eipcp is again making new writings available online, this time on creativity and the creative industry with contributions by Lazzarato, von Osten, Maria Lind and more. Very relevant writing on cultural policies today.
creativity hypes

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The "five finger plan" of Copenhagen, is made to make the city develop along five lines of infrastructure and leave intact green belts between the fin...


Gardending Superfund Sites is an art project that fosters discourse around the issues of nature preservation, industry, and activism. Information and workshops with students and community groups to create a call to action to high tech industries to take responsibility for their actions.
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