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Stijn Schiffeleers
19 Nov 2008
Ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions have joined to form the Biodiversity Heritage Library Project. The group is developing a strategy and operational plan to digitize the published literature of biodiversity held in their respective collections. This literature will be available through a global “biodiversity commons.”

Free / Open Source / Virtual Soil
16 Nov 2008
"A site where anyone with an internet connection can watch a movie to educate themselves or simply explore another perspective whenever they please. These movies aren't just for education but are also for entertainment.

As a secondary objective allows independent filmmakers to have their message heard by viewers that they may not normally reach."

Free / Virtual Soil
14 Nov 2008
US, California
"An inventory of urban and suburban sustainable ideas and the people behind them. Disobeying the suburban aesthetic laws for common sense, locavorism, human footprint reduction. Escaping consumerism by saving seeds, making your own honey, compost, houses etc...."

Besides this blog, Susan Husky has also published Eco Heroes, a collection of stories and images from East Bay backyard activism.

Blogs / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
04 Nov 2008
Hidden Organizations, Spatial Contagions and Activism
The Netherlands
A new project of the Jan Van Eyck Design department, initiated by Keller Easterling, researches underexplored territory in the world’s infrastructural and organizational strata. The work focuses on shared protocols, managerial subroutines and financial instruments as they produce and program physical space around the world. Perhaps because these organizations operate in the background, in an active and relational rather than nominative register, their political outcomes are often at once pervasive and mysterious.

Candidates interested in this project can apply with a research proposal.
Application details

04 Nov 2008
About Spare Time and Slower Worlds
U.S. Washington
'Onthaasting' is a mental diversion through the use of recreation as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant aspects of daily life. It takes place on the outskirts of contemporary life: on mountaintops, in wide-open plains, in churches, in landscapes, in gardens ... but most of all in the mind. The exhibition presents Belgian contemporary video artists within this conceptual framework.

Curated by Niels Van Tomme and Jan Van Woensel.

Artists / Exhibitions
04 Nov 2008
Belgium, Brussels
Code magazine intends to fill the gap by offering a platform to the young contemporary creation and its actors. Code is a free magazine published by a collective of curators. It aims at introducing new forms of expression as well as to raise the interest of the public for an exciting and innovating culture.
Code is also a curatorial project. In order to offer artists the best conditions in which to present their work, Code regularly curates collective shows.

Exhibitions / Free / Magazines
10 Oct 2008
Historical Facts, Archaeologies of the Present and Dialectics of Seeing
Belgium, Brussels
21 October 2008 - 3 January 2009.

"The media know only the here and now, that which is fleeting and carries no inner memory. They present facts over which we have no power. Interstitial Zones offers a critical space for opposition, with the work of fifteen artists and collectives that have searched inside the folds of post-war history, areas that the mass media never reveal. The politics of invisibility with which the media confront us are further expanded upon here, providing an archaeology of the present, in which the eclipse of the political and states of exception within our Western democracies are central."

With contributions from: François Bucher, Guy Debord, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Christoph Draeger, Claire Fontaine, Joan Fontcuberta, Jean-Luc Godard, Armin Linke, Gianni Motti, Melik Ohanian, Shelly Silver, Julia Meltzer and David Thorne, Aldo Tambellini, Klaus vom Bruch, et alia.

09 Oct 2008
art in a socially political context
‘Provo’ was a Dutch counterculture movement in the mid-1960's that focused on provoking violent responses from authorities using non-violent bait. Formed in 1965 in Amsterdam mainly younger people ventilated their thoughts through magazines, leaflets and gatherings.

The exhibition shows what artists in Flanders have generated - since the Provo movement - towards some radical social ideas and how they had to defence themselves against the censure of the established elite for safeguarding their artistic freedoms.

From 18th October till 23rd November 2008.

Art + Activism / Artists / Exhibitions / Organizations
28 Sep 2008
'Overcoming Dictatorships' is a framework for a two-year exchange between artists, poets and authors from various European countries about their experiences of the change from dictatorship to democracy, in particular after the opening of former communist countries since the end of the 1980s. In a number of meetings (held in the participating countries, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Italy and Germany) invited poets, writers and artists will present their work and exchange their experiences from the dictatorial/authoritarian period and show how the political changes have influenced their artistic activities.

The result will be an exhibition which will start in Birmingham (UK) and then tour the participating countries. The cultural transfer resulting from this project is meant to allow the banishment of prejudices and a better understanding between Central Eastern, South Eastern and Western Europe. Ultimately it is part of the construction of a common European culture.

Exhibitions / Symposium / Conference
28 Sep 2008
Contemporary Art Shows Since 1968
London, UK
"Landmark Exhibitions: contemporary art shows since 1968 brings together world-renowned artists, critics, curators, museum directors and scholars to identify and analyse key moments in the histories of exhibitions of the last forty years.

This two-day symposium argues that the exhibition, long overlooked as an epiphenomenon, is central to our understanding of contemporary visual cultures. Participants will discuss the (in)visibility of exhibitions, the proliferation of biennials, the exhibition as archive, the politics of curating, and the sitedness of exhibitions."

Friday 10 October 2008, 10.30–20.30
Saturday 11 October 2008, 10.30–19.00

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Soil is the vital system which supports growth of plants which supply food and oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and nitrogen is a foundation of life, ...


For the Garage festival 09 Free Soil have conducted a site specific research project investigating the environment of the Baltic Sea.

We created an alternative archive of political and historical events that have occurred in the Baltic Sea region, especially Stralsund and linked these with the sea’s responses. The impact of Industrialisation, population growth and political changes has resulted in climatic and environmental changes recorded in the sea. Nature retaliates by creating new forms, one of the most significant being the spread and growth of toxic Blue Green Algae or “phytoplankton”

Images: wooden sewerage pipe from Stralsund. &
Portrait of William Lindley the designer of the first sewerage system in Stralsund, algae on paper.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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